Auglamour F300 — budget IEMs with stellar bass



Some fresh air to our countinuous experience of reviewing different IEM models. When you constantly deal with the models of a specific price range any inclination results in more evident differences and new variables to put down on paper. While the most expensive models usually show uncompromised perfromance, some IEMs with <50$ budget might become a true game changers. Auglamour F300 IEMs belong to this price range and we are about to find out its outstanding qualities.


Small presentation of company behind Auglamour brand:

«Shenzhen Bushengsheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2015, and AUGLAMOUR/徕声 is its brand. Shengsheng Technology is a technology company specializing in the design and development of audio equipment such as HIFI headphones and decoding amps. We take «the ultimate listening, not snoring» as the core concept, and always inspire the design of the product, the sound reproduction, durability as the company’s unswerving pursuit. We are committed to developing a range of outstanding products for different lifestyles and application scenarios in the audio field, and constantly pursuing perfect sound quality, creating unique design concepts and a better life experience.» 

Current Auglamour brand portfolio lists 6 models if IEMs and 1 portable amp. Concerning that this company also acts as OEM/ODM vendor — it might happen so that you have already been dealing with their products under more common brand names 🙂 This is the tricky world 🙂

Auglamour F300 technical specifications:

  • Type: single dinamic driver IEMs
  • Driver unit: φ10mm high-intensity magnetic circuit composite dynamic unit
  • Diaphragm: polymer composite plating titanium diaphragm
  • Frequency response range: 15Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Distortion: < 1%102dB (20 µpa)
  • Channel balanced: < 1.5db (at 1kHz)
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • Detachable cable standard: 2pin, 0.78mm
  • Cable: 5N anaerobic copper silver cable, 4C* (25*0.05+200D) KEVLAR, 3.5mm jack
  • Process: zinc magnesium alloy die casting, aluminum alloy five-axis CNC
  • Material: CNC machining zinc-magnesium alloy
  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Black, Green, Yellow, Pink

We’ve got pink verison which looks a bit weird — as if it was intended for girls 🙂 Anyway, we can live with that.

Auglamour F300 is available at PenonAudio store


Packaging, design and build:

F300 comes in black matt box wrapped with the additional colorful cardboard slipcover which provides full technical specifications, company contacts and color available options.


Couldn’t find black and blue options listed at PenonAudio store but we think that people involved in sales know better. IEMs rest on dedicated podium inside the box and all additional accessories are packed in storage case.


Box contents:

  • Auglamour F300 IEMs
  • audio cable
  • cable clip
  • 4 pairs of silicone eartips
  • removable silicone earguides
  • storage case
  • short user manual

We like that such accessories as earguides and storage case are included in $35 IEMs. In fact, the entire packaging and its design is not deviating from much pricier models.

F300 shells are made of zinc-magnesium alloy covered with thick layer of paint and glossy varnish on top. Base and top cover parts are perfectly aligned with very thin gap between the elements.


Cover contains brand quite deep logo impress right at the center.


Other elements are two compensational openings per channel, unibody output nozzle contruction with aluminum protective grills and transparent plastic connector bases elevated above the surface with good side load protection.


Stock cable is 5N silver-plated copper packed in soft transparent braid, 1.2 meters long and features stylish aluminum Y-splitter, limiter and pretty big aluminum audio jack housing. 2pin connector housings are made of transparent plastic, channel indicators are present.


Interesting, but cable comes with intergrated flexible earguides and there is another pair of silicone earguides among the additional accessories.


Quite good and comfortable fit, indeed. Additional earguides were left aside cause intergated ones do a great job. No problems with IEMs slipping out. Seems that the combination of shape and length of output nozzles make F300 to be pretty universal. Some other IEMs with the same shape (Tanchjim Oxygen as an example) are harder to deal with due to shorter nozzles…



Tested with HiBY R6Pro DAP (3.5mm regular output, reference mode)

Lows and midbass:

Impressed with the deep bass reach and texturing of lows. Even though bass is perceived as placed little bit behind mids on stage, its presence is adequately weighted and detalization is unexpectedly rich. Perhaps, this is the main virtue of F300 IEMs in overall. Lows are not tending to shadow anything and have enough space to feel well controured and congregated.

Midbass is similarly good. This section shows decent power, good dynamics and pleasing feel of tight hits that makes drums sound natural. Midbass rich sound and good dynamics is retained across different volume levels. Influence of treble is small which allows each sound to be perceived as more deep and solid.


Mids and vocals:

In contrary to lows, we got quite controversial performance in mid section. While the lower part of mids and male voices sound wighted and natural, female vocals, string and bow instruments are quite accented and overemphasized. This does create emotional appeal but might also get harsh and biting on tracks at higher volumes. Resolution is moderate, timbre is almost neutral with slight shift to warmer side. Instrument separation varies from very good at lower volume to only acceptable when you want more drive — different sounds start to mix when volume gets louder. Anyway, this is quite common for other models in the same price range as long as they are based on single dynamic driver. Hybrid or armature models have more potential in terms of instrument separation due to faster reactions or less physical load on single diaphragm.



Treble is the least exposed in F300 IEMs. At first, you might think that F300 are V-shaped and bright due to emphasis on treble but later comes the understanding that this is the upper mids that are playing the leading role. Treble feel quite recessed, trails behind other ranges and doesn’t really add much clarity or transparency to the sound. Pretty enough to make sound complete but far from being crisp and sparkling. Thick, straight-forward and a bit simplified — those are the right definitions.


Varies from having pretty good depth and width to bit narrow and congested as the volume gets louder.


Sound in overall:

Auglamour F300 soound could be defined as having slightly warm tonality with thick interpretation throughout the entire FR except thin and vivid upper mids. Good performance on lows and midbass, natural lower mids and recessed, simplified treble.

Compared to BQEYZ KB100:


KB100 are the most capable hybrid IEMs in ~50$ price range. Yes, not very fair comparison because KB100 are more expensive IEMs.  This is the closest rival we’ve got… KB100 winning with most of the sound characteristics except the reproduction of lows. Deep bass extension is better in F300. But the overall balance, treble extension and clarity, male to female voice gains, resolution — all are more impressive in KB100.

Compared to Kinera Seed:


Another hybrid model of IEMs in ~50$ price range. Kinera Seed are neutral IEMs to the extent that the sound gets kind of lifeless. It also lacks that deep bass reachof F300. Other than that — a great contender with not that skewed perfromance on mids, better resolution in overall and more extended and delicate treble.



Hopefully, we have managed to highlight the main advantages of Auglamour F300 sound. Unexpectedly decent performance on lows and midbass make allows this model to compete with some contenders from higher price segments. Sound signature is interesting — vivid and emotional but not crisp and bright. Not sure if there are other models with 35$ price tag that would have the same price/performance ratio, considering sound, expensive materials, detachable cable and good accessory bundle. Even if there are — Auglamour F300 would be one of the options to start with .

Auglamour F300 is available at PenonAudio store

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