HiBy R2 gets a FW update V1.1

HiBy has released first FW upgrade for R2 DAP. New FW has 1.1 version and is available at HiBy official download page.

This FW addresses some known minor issue and introduces new functions. For example, HiBy has promissed to add Qobuz support at the start of the sales. And guess what – it is here. Now, Quboz and Tidal streaming services are both supported. Great job, HiBy.

Other major and minor upgrades are:

– Added visible battery percentage;
– Added Qobuz online streaming support. To use Qobuz, go to System settings -> Streaming -> Qobuz;
– MQA now includes album art
– Added Japan TELEC certificate display;
– Updated the UI of pull-down menu;
– Fixed issue with FD1 connection when the R2 boots up causing connection failure;
– Various other bug fixes to enhance system stability.

Some owners already report more fluid UI operation and solved issue of crossfade effect between tracks.

Thus, probably the best price|performance DAP on the market, gets even better, more functional and stable. You can read our full article about R2 HERE

HiBy R2 specs list :

Operating System: HiBy OS
SoC: Ingenic X1000E
DAC: ES9218
PCM: 32bit/384kHz / DSD: 128 (native)
MSEB, HiBy Link support
MQA support, 4x unfold, Tidal, Qobuz support
Dual microphones for voice recording
Ebook reader function
Internet radio function
Output power: 70mW+70mW
THD+N: <0.001%
Display size: 2.45”, IPS, touchscreen
Display resolution: 480*360
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX, LDAC, UAT)
WiFi bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz
Battery size: 1000mAh
Storage: MicroSD card, up to 2TB
USB Type-C USB2.0 port
Play time: 15 hours continuous
Standby: 20 days
Dimensions: 61*61*12 mm
Weight: 85g
HiBy R2 FW1.1 upgrade can be downloaded HERE
OTA upgrade is also availabe from “Settings” menu in R2
HiBy R2 available for purchase at official HiBy store: HERE

3 thoughts on “HiBy R2 gets a FW update V1.1

  • Adriano Bernardino Rocha

    I’ve just bought the R2 and for now I’m a little bit disappointed with it. As soon as I received it, I installed the new firmware and have been listening to some tunes since then. I have nothing to say about the sound quality of the player. Everything in it sounds great. However, there is a serious flaw when the R2 plays anything from the microSD card. When a tune finishes, the other one begins with a slight, almost imperceptible break (in fact, every tune behaves like that), irrespective of the file format. And it is very annoying. I’ve already tested the gapless, crossfade, and low gain functions, as requested by a Hiby guy that is assisting me, in the attempt to fix the problem, to no avail. Is there something I can do? Is it a bug that will only be fixed when a new firmware is available?

    Another issue that I’ve noticed is when R2 plays music from Tidal. Some tunes in M4A format aren’t played at all (the problem does not occur when I play the same song in my computer using Tidal, for instance). An error message appears (playback failed: error 9). A message of file format not supported also appears when I try to view details of the music (in “view album” in Tidal). I thought it accepted all formats. What are those problems? Another bug?

    I’ve also noticed that some tunes (even in MQA) in TIDAL end abruptly, that is, they are not finished yet when the next song begins. I’ve browsed on the web for similar complaints and haven’t found any.

    Have you experienced any of these problems?

    • Benjamin

      Did you solve the problem with Tidal? Is very annoying that songs end abruptly 10-15 seconds before it supposed to end

  • Sergio García

    Same here, I returned the player only for the skipping issue between tracks (and for the horrible gapless playback). Perhaps I’ll buy it again in the future if they solve this because the sound of this player is really good for me.


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