Hidizs MS3 – highly customizable hybrid IEMs

It’s been a while since the last review posted on this blog due to extended logistics. Sending items for the review to Ukraine is quite cumbersome lately, thanks God it arrives undamaged. Hidizs has made quite an effort on assuring that their new MS3 IEMs would finally reach in here, even resending the package twice. Anyway, MS3 are with me now and I can acknowledge the audience of this blog with my own impressions.

Last pair of IEMs reviewed by me were quite peculiar and unusual – KZ ZEX with electrostatic driver in its schematics and Dethonray Tender 1 pure planar IEMs. I’ve had enough time to rest from dynamic/armature hybrid combination and Hidizs MS3 would be the first in series after this pause. Most of the time I am using pure 1 dynamic driver IEMs either from Hidizs/Tanchjim or HiBY since it is the most engaging sound for me, especially when driving IEMs with tube amp. Although, armature/dynamic hybrid IEMs have obvious advantages for some genres and in some aspects that build my interest to find out how technically good the new Hidizs product is.

Hidizs MS3 have been released just a month ago and already have generated a positive wave of impressions by the first owners and reviewers. Promising in the declared features, seems that MS3 really have the potential of becoming a great bargain in less expensive niche comparing to its highly ranked MS5 many-driver flagship predecessor. Good formula applied here by Hidizs – consider the buzz around the flagship product, borrow the most important virtues from it and project it on the less expensive product… Let’s see if the new star was born.

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: Official Hidizs store

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: Amazon

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: AliExpress

Here is the declared specs:


– 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver
– Knowles SWFK-31736 Composite Balanced Armature Driver
– Aviation Aluminum Alloy Integral Molding Shell
– Three Hidizs Pneumatic Tuning Filters
– Oxygen-free Copper Multi-conductor Cable with 192 Ultra-small Wires
– Highly Approaching the H-2019 Target Curve, and HIDIZS Art Styles
– “Shark Fin” 0.78mm/2PIN Cable Plug
– Hidizs Customized Storage Bag
– Hi-Res Certification

Back to the shipping set and build impression before jumping to the sound experience:

As said before, thanks to quite stiff Hidizs box, this package arrived undamaged. Box carries full product information, product image and manufacturer info. Inner compartment consists of three inserts: foam holding IEMs, foam holding all filters and ear tips and the additional box with audio cable and some papers. Truthfully speaking, Hidizs MS3 are one of the best IEMs in terms of set of accessories. 9 pairs of ear tips, 3 pairs of filters, storage bag, cable – can’t imagine what else might have been included to make anyone totally satisfied… Perhaps, IEMs 🙂 Fortunately, they are also included.

Build quality is great all around. IEMs look and feel perfect, great choice of materials, precise finishing and construction. No gaps between elements, no rattling. Design is quite complex and very neat and beautiful at the same time. Attracting combination of black body with gold edging. Similarly excellent quality of audio cable: unexpectedly thick, consisting of 4 twisted strands, ending with aluminum 3.5SE or 4.4BL plug housing at one side and transparent easy to pull “shark fin design” 0.78 2pin connectors on the other side. This is probably the thickest cable for IEMs I’ve encountered in my reviewing career. Feels durable and makes an impression of being able to last for ages.

Ear tips are all silicone-type but 9 pars divided to 3 sizes and 3 groups of vocal, low and high frequency oriented use. The changes might be subtle depending of its final fit but accompanied by Hidizs special tuning filters that would add more evident changes to the sound. Filters have different types of mesh to cross out / pass some frequencies that would end up in more lows, mіds or treble-tending tonality: silver – more treble, rose – balanced, red – more lows. Here is how Hidizs measured the changes produced by all 3 pairs:

My personal opinion about how effective those filters are: yes, there are audible changes in the sound, especially between red (low) filters + lows-oriented ear tips and silver/rose filters with the respective ear tips. The difference between rose/silver is less obvious due to highly pronounced armature nature in treble/upper mids segment.

The sound:

Consisting of 2 high-quality armature Knowles drivers + single but mighty dynamic driver, MS3 IEMs produce rich and engaging sound. The tonality feels bright which is an outcome of armature driver outstanding capabilities that goes far beyond human perception abilities on treble and some accent placed on upper mids as the consequence. V-shaped tuning is evident, although not distracting since the treble is quite expended, full of nuances and details. On the other side of the range single DD does a good job on mid bass dynamics and presence of lows. The extension of bass is limited but the amount on lows, speed and tightness of mid bass are perfectly enough. Sometimes lows might bleed in and desynchronize with treble and upper mids since it is slower on changes but mostly on such genres as energetic metal/punk rock and only if the quality of the recording/track file is low.

Apart from that, MS3 sound impressive, especially on layering and instrument separation. Every sound is laid out on its shelve, each instrument sounds exposed. Resolution grows with the frequency, treble is the most resolved, upper mids and vocals have great clarity and texturing, whereas the lows are well-exposed but slightly lagging behind in detalization. In overall, MS3 sound great technically. Especially for the slower genres, songs and with high-quality recordings. Musically, it is on the brighter side with excellent overall detalization, layering and mid bass performance but limited on the lowest bass register.


MS3 are designed so that it would fit most without any problems. Such shape, pretty long nozzles, over-the-ear hooks and variety of ear tips would allow almost anyone to use it comfortably, even during the active workouts.


Hidizs MS3 hybrid IEMs posses all the necessary qualities to become a bargain for many audio enthusiasts and even for some demanding audiophiles. Technically MS3 are sounding great – impressive overall resolution and treble extension, great layering and articulation, excellent and tight mid bass. Build quality, feel and especially the possibility of the additional tuning are all exceptional. Musically, MS3 would be great for those who love V-shaped tuning and brighter sound, bass heads would rather stick to some more bass-oriented options. Nevertheless, Hidizs MS3, considering its price, bundle and sound quality, set the bar pretty high for its rivals on the market. Definitely a great option to save some funds and be totally satisfied at the same time. Well done, Hidizs! Anxious to see would be the next product under this brand…

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: Official Hidizs store

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: Amazon

Hidizs MS3 IEMs on sale: AliExpress

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