News: HiBy R5 gets compared to the competitors


Some time ago I’ve reviewed newest DAP from HiBy — R5. It was right after the release of this great piece of technology. Main features that have made this DAP already quite popular on the market are the modern hardware that runs Android OS, high output power and driving ability along with detailed and balanced sound of the chosen audio processing base. Full review can be found here.

Since the time of my review, I’ve been using this DAP for several weeks as the main audio source, no matter the final equipment — IEMs, full size headphones or home system. Positive experience in overall if to conclude this period of intensive use. One of the updates that arrived over OTA has significantly increased touch screen sensitivity, making its fluent operation even more responsive.

Following different threads and news about this DAP, I’ve finally found an article that compares HiBy R5 to its recent rivals. Want to share some details from this article to keep those available to wider audience and myself.

The article covers the comparison between HiBy R5 | FiiO M11 | iBasso DX150 | Shanling M6 | Sony ZX300A.


All are very capable DAPs with lots of attention from audio fans, good feedback and competitive features. Thus, this article gets even more interesting to understand the differences in the potential of those models and how R5 does in such a strong competition.

Just to remind about the audio HW part of HiBy R5:

  • 2 x CS43198-CNZ DAC chips
  • 4 x Panasonic 470μF electrolytic capacitors
  • 11 x Panasonic low ESR tantalum POSCAP capacitors
  • LPF: 2 x OPA1612
  • Amplifier chips: 2 x AD8397ARDZ
  • Dual independent crystal oscillators: 45.1584MHz + 49.152MHz, low jitter

Comparison table:


No comments here, figures are clear. R5 is a great competitior to any of mentioned models. The rest is up to anyone who is willing to make any decision based on those numbers.

Original article can be found in this post: LINK 

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