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One model that I haven’t reviewed yet from Tanchjim brand lineup of IEMs — Cora Macaron. Traditionally for Tanchjim, this inexpensive model is also based on single dynamic driver and features stilized design. All 3 models of IEMs of this brand look quite different and interesting while the ones that were already reviewed also resembled certain sound signature in its name and design. Looking at Tanchjim Cora it is apparent that this model was designed as universal IEMs for teenagers with subsequent vivid sound tuning and signature. Let’s go over it step by step.


Just a reminder about Tanchjim brand: quite popular brand with the most of attention originating from Asian market. There are tons of positive feedback about DarkSide and Oxygen IEMs from Japan. Seems that this country has some special preference towards Tanchjim brand. Personally, I prefer Tanchjim Oxygen over any other IEMs, despite the price, as the best pair for my HiBY R6Pro DAP.

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Tanchjim Cora technical specifications:

  • Type: single dynamic driver IEMs
  • Driver: 9.9mm, carbon diaphragm, dual cavity
  • Impedance:16Ω
  • Sensitivity:103dB/mW
  • Frequency response:10-40kHz
  • THD:<0.2%
  • Plug: 3.5mm, gold-plated, straight plug
  • Cable: OFC, silver-plated copper, non-detachable
  • Color options: green, blue, black, red, pink


Packaging, design and build quality:

Cora IEMs come in small stylish box that addresses teenager hobbies and clearly states its versality — music, movies and gaming. Box design is neat and at the same time very informative. Apart from brand logos and product picture, prints also contain full technical specifications and maker information.


Inner box compartment is divided into two parts: Cora IEMs resting in dedicated cutouts in a foamy podium with audio cable packed underneath and another compartment below with box for additional accessories.


Box contents:

  • Tanchjim Cora IEMs
  • audio cable
  • 6 pairs of silicone eartips
  • soft pouch
  • waranty card with counterfeit protection sticker
  • user manual


Tanсhjim Cora shells are made of two parts: painted plastic top cover (Tanchjim logo is printed on the right channel and model name on the left one) and semitransparent plastic base.


Parts alignement is perfect, no gap between the elements. High quality plastic is used, feels durable and looks very nice. Top covers have 5 color options to choose from.


Semitransparent plastic bases allow to see the insides — golden dynamic driver unit and tiny silver cables.


There are two compensational openings per channel and casted output nozzles (form one piece with the bases) with nylon protective filters.


Unfortunately, audio cable is not detachable. Good thing is that it is high quality cable with good silicone banding protection on both sides — IEMs and audio jack.


Stock cable is 1.2 meters, 4N, silver-plated copper with aluminum Y-splitter, limiter and audio jack housing. Another effort by Tanchjim in terms of design — aluminum elements would also change color when you select another color option.


Cora IEMs are small and lightweight. Fit is far from being perfect because the output nozzles are short. The only option for me was to find double flanged eartips and use it instead of the stock ones. So, mind that Cora is for small and young ears 🙂 Perhaps, girls should also be happy with those.


Tested with HiBY R6Pro DAP (3.5mm output, reference mode)_DSC0473.jpg

Lows and midbass:

Everything about the deep bass in Cora IEMs would highly depend of eartips option and how deep the nozzles would sit inside your ears. The best position produces very good and deep bass reach, moderate amount of textures and enough bass presence. It is not fast, slightly flows out of control but the entire presentation stays pretty good. Lows have good layering, sound quite controured and don’t interfere with other ranges. But again, if the fit is not perfect and deep Cora IEMs would suffer from lack of bass and produce very bright picture with no frequencies to balance the treble.

Midbass is also highly dependent of IEM position. If everything is ok — it does sound natural, powerful and tight. The dynamics and speed are sufficient to deliver some juicy drive on drums. Treble does have more influence here and midbass section would sound a bit thin in comparison to IEMs with larger shell cavities but the influence is not critical.


Mids and vocals:

Mids are slightly recessed and scewed towards upper mids portion. This results in more distant male vocals and upfront string instruments or female voices. Though, not prone to shouting or lisping due to warm timbre in overall and only a slight accent. Everything sounds pretty thick and natural, thanks to the developed lowed end. Resolution is moderate, thick treble doesn’t help much to build the perception of substantial micro detalization. Space between the instruments in mids feels quite narrow — instruments tend to mix at higher volume levels. In overall, sound is smooth and slightly warm, with good transitions but compact stage.



Treble range is the most accented in Cora IEMs. This doesn’t produce any piercing effect due to the thickness of sound and moderate extension. It is pretty straight-forward and feels a bit simplified in comparison to BA rivals or some class rivals like BQYEZ KB100. Such treble behavior is compensated by significant elevation of this range to build balanced sound picture in overall. And it works — treble is enough for the sound to feel reach and balanced but it is not producing too much of influence on mids and doesn’t make it sound crisp.


Stage width and depth feel moderate due to tight space between instruments in mids and simplified treble. The most of the depth is defined by very good bass layering and separation from other ranges.


Sound in overall:

Tanchjim Cora sound could be described as not heavily V-shaped, with good bass reproduction and texturing, good midbass capabilities, warm timber on mids, more exposed female vocals and accented, thick but simplified treble. Overall sound signature is warm, sound is appealing and smooth.

Compared to BQEYZ KB100:


BQEYZ KB100 are based on 2 BA and 1 dynamic drivers that significantly expands the capabilities, especially on treble. Treble is more airy, crisp and extended. Overall resolution is better as well. Instruments are not that tightly situated. Cora, on its turn, is handling deep bass and texturing of lows better, sound warmer and also adds more body to mids. I would say that Cora might compete with KB100 if you like warmer sound but ONLY in case of very good fit.

Compared to Kinera Seed:


Kinera Seed are hybrid IEMs based on single BA + single dynamic drivers. It lacks the presence and reach of deep bass compared to Cora IEMs. Seed main virtues are better treble extension, more resolution on mids and better instrument separation. Cora does a better job on lows and midbass and creates more engaging sound in overall.



Tanchjim Cora are good IEMs with excellent design addressing teenagers, great build quality and appealing sound. It combines modern and emotional V-shaped tuning with smooth presenation and warm timbre that allows long lasting, fatigue-free listening. The only concern is the problems with fit that should be solved by a user to get the best sound balance and quality. Other than that, Tanchjim Cora IEMs are able to share the podium with the most capable models in the corresponding price segment.

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