TFZ My Love Edition — dense sound for mature taste


One more TFZ IEMs model on my testing bench — My Love Edition which is derived from the famous King Pro series. As the name alludes, this model is positioned by TFZ as a souvenir product. Moreover, color options and use of bijouterie elements in the design tells us that it is aimed towards the female audience. Not sure why exactly this model was chosen to satisfy women taste from the standpoint of the sound, but it definitely won’t be popular among guys. Anyway, the variations of TFZ King Pro is so numerous now that anyone would find something appealing to his or her personal taste.


TFZ My Love Edition technical specifications:

  • Type: single dynamic driver IEMs
  • Driver: 12mm, double magnetic circuit
  • Diaphragm: graphene
  • Impedance: 55Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/mW
  • Frequency response range: 5Hz — 40kHz
  • Cable: 1,2m, silver plated
  • Cable connectors: 2pin, 0.78mm

TFZ My Love Edition available at PenonAudio store


Packaging, design and build quality:

Love this beatifull white packaging of the King series when IEMs are exposed in the top part of the box. Shiny metallic color of brand logo and name, color choice at the back and additional box inside for the acessories.


In the box you’d find a set of items standard for most of the TFZ lineup:

  • TFZ My Love Edition IEMs
  • 2pin, 0.78mm audio cable
  • cable clip
  • 7 pairs of silicone eartips
  • soft pouch
  • short user manual


Silicone eartips come in two different designs (small and large sound opening) and three size options. One extra (7th pair) has smaller opening and M-size.


Shells are totally made of plastic with pearl-like paint (small shiny particles added to the paint) which adds the depth to any color option. My set is a combination of cyan bases and white top covers.


Alignment of those two parts is perfect with no visible gap between the elements. Moreover, besides the brand logos, top covers are given one extra design element that looks like a gemstone that addresses the female audience and makes the overall design more expressive.


Channel indicators and model names are printed on the inner sides of the bases and seem to be protected by the varnish layer (as well as other printed elements).


Two compensational openings per channel: one of the top cover and another one close to the output nozzle which are protected with aluminum grills.


There is one thing that I would call an imperfection — bases are also consisting of two molded parts which are glued together. Junction of parts is not polished and you can see a thin line under the layer of lacquer.


Stock cable is made of silver plated copper wires packed into soft silicone braid. Equipped with aluminum Y-splitter / audio jack housing and transparent plastic connectors with channel indicators. Mic effect is almost absent.



Considering that My Love model belongs to custom-like shaped IEMs — there should be absolutely no problems with the fit for most of the people. Flexible earguides and quite long output nozzles would also help to maintain the best position and the most comfortable feel.


Sound quality:

Tested with HiBy R6Pro DAP

Lows and midbass:

What My Love IEMs worth the attention for is their bass appeal. The sound of this model is constructed around deep and wide lows with more than average bass detalization. It flows to the sides, fills the space and widens the stage. The accent on lows is evident which also results in dark signature of the entire sounding and sometimes even overtakes and shadows the other ranges. Not dramatically, though. Such elevation of the lower portion makes this IEMs sound quite thick and warm. Midbass has also gained from the bass influence and highlights lower portion more than medium or small toms. Although, the last two still capable of revealing the full potential through very tight and springy hits necessary to expose drums naturally and engaging.


Mids and vocals:

Mids do sound thick and dense with a slight feel of being congested in the instrument section. Voices are pretty close to the listener, female vocals are smoothed out with the overall warmth and also given the full-bodied perception. More resolution is perceptible on the instruments of the higher mids but the detalization can be defined as only slightly better than just a moderate. Can’t say that the instrument sepration is perfect as they tend to mix and show some lack of space inbetween. But the overall performance on mids is pretty smooth and is polishing out all roughness and sparkling notes of screaming vocals or inappropriate recording.



Treble gets the least of attention in the sound of My Love Edition IEMs. Don’t get it wrong — it is normally exposed and doesn’t sound scarce. It is about the extension, airy representation and transparency that are all quite moderate. On the other hand, the missing delicacy is compensated by the balanced presence, absence of sibilants and sufficient clarity. It manages to keep the appropriate integrity of the sound spreading its influence to raise the perceptible resolution.



The imaginary soundstage of TFZ My Love Edition is moderate. Good stage width defined by the volumetric presence of lows but the depth is lacking the space and layering between the instruments and ranges. No reveals here.


Sound in overall:

The sound of TFZ My Love Edition IEMs could be described as pretty dark with evident accent on lows, good bass extension and texturing, tight and engaging midbass, thick and warm mids, simplified but sufficient treble. Good for slow music genres with small amount of instruments and where the dense sound is a preference.

Compared to BQEYZ KB100:


BQEYZ KB100 are much brighter with more spacious and emotional sound. Its bass is not as deep, wide and filling as TFZ My Love Edition but the treble is much more detailed and extended. TFZ My Love, on its turn, generate more warm and thick sound, giving more body to each instrument or voice. Fit is also more comfortable.

Compared to LZ HiFI Z05A:


Z05A and TFZ My Love are pretty close in terms of thickness and density of the sound. Although, Z05A pereceives as more balanced since the lows are not that accented. Deep bass reach is less impressive while the treble is similarly clear but simplified. TFZ My Love have much better fit and sound darker.

Compared to PaiAudio DR2:


Both models have dark tonality with warm timbre, thick mids and simplified treble. Both have very good fit. The main advantage of TFZ My Love is higher resolution throughout all ranges and more dense sound. DR2 is producing larger soundtage with better layering and instrument separation.



TFZ My Love Edition definitely belongs to dark sounding bassy IEMs with less emotional but more dense sound picture. If to consider that this model addresses mostly the female audience with its design — she should be quite experienced in listening with a mature taste in sound. Unpretentious and light compositions should pass by as not the intended material. This model is worth to consider if the representative of the beautiful half of humanity has clearly defined her preference — slow genre / high quality music. In this case, the visual aesthetics would be the additional bonus and IEMs would really turn into perfect present.

TFZ My Love Edition available at PenonAudio store

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